About Avis

I'm gonna re-do this to be a little bit more serious.

Some Basic Shtuff

Maybe I should have put this first, but here is some of the basic stuff about me:

    I LOVE stationary. Pens, paper, washi tape, wax seals, stickers :3<

    My favourite palettes typically include greys, pinks, and creams. Lately I've also been a bit obsessed with gold. :3<

    I'm a Virgo and Rooster (Chinese Zodiac)

    My migraines are always extremely light sensitive and certain noise pitches make me unreasonably angry

    I don't like to watch movies unless I know it's good and I feel too stressed to turn on shows unless someone else is already playing it. That being said, I've watched a wide variety of interesting things. My favourite general genres are comedy romance and horror.

    I'm an extremely messy person but I also stress clean. I like to think that I have a .... "Messy Chic" type personal style. I think that just means I'm a loser who manages to clean up well.

    I'm an insane chatterbox sometimes. Sometimes I'll ghost people for months up to a year. I consider both these things bad traits but if you're gonna talk to me, you should probably know about that. ;;^-^


Now for the most essential thing about myself. :) Maybe this also should go at the top. I don't know, bear with me. I'm a Christian and I've been raised in a Christian household all my life, though I consider myself to be born-again based on how I came to truly desire God and give myself to Him. I affirm the Nicene Creed as my statement of faith. I've gone through a lot to get to this point in my life.

Since I feel like it's important to note, given that a lot of non-Christians call themselves Christian ("not everyone who says 'Lord, Lord,' will enter into the kingdom of Heaven"), being a Christian means the following;

    I am against abortion in literally every single scenario

    I do not accept outspoken homosexuals as "Christian" (and various other types of people who claim to be Christian but mostly those who believe the Bible accepts homosexuality when it very, very clearly does not)

That's all I feel like putting there for now, Idk what else really, I just felt those two specifically are important to note because they likely will be the most 'triggering' for people who don't know me. I do not want to make my website a controversial place but I also am a very social person (in the online sphere). Do not get mad at me for espousing Christian values on my own website. Do not get mad at me for warning you that I'm a Christian and then being surprised that I have Christian and traditional values. Do not start arguments with me and if you do, I likely will talk about you and make a petty blogpost.

I don't like arguing; it makes me extremely sad and that's why I haven't been active on Tumblr. Part of the reason why I have a website is because I wanted to be myself without persecution; I am never willing to wash out what I believe just to appease some stranger. Unfortunately, in order to not compromise my faith as well as start the least amount of arguments, I need to be a little harsh in how upfront I am about this sort of thing. With that in mind, if you do want to start an argument, know this: I value my Bible infinitely more than your opinions and personal experiences.

It feels like I'm a lone survivor

Forgotten in a dark and deadly world

And on my own I walk alone

To see the sun again I'd give anything

But life demands a final chapter

A story that we all must leave behind

It's do or die, and this is mine

The anthem of a bird with a broken wing

~ Bird With a Broken Wing, Owl City