All the links are outward links, by the way. I wanted to make a unique page for all of them, sorry about that.

What's This?

Hi! I wanted to place all these little things someplace for safekeeping, so I can finally delete my tumblr blog where I had the same information. I don't have much to say here, except check out the titles! I do quite a bit of worldbuilding and so these are mostly summaries of the concepts. A couple of them have full-blown chapters written but I.. Am really bad at writing characters, even though I like coming up with concepts for them. Basically, I do a lot of thinking, but I can't seem to figure out how events move along. Enjoy the brain vomit.

They make look somewhat shoddily done, sorry about that...As of writing this, I just wanted to get them out there! I hope to renovate these layouts when I have time.


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  • The teacup is my own! I just wanted to show it off, hahaha.