Welcome! This is my little page dedicated to the artist, Owl City.

I guess this is a "shrine" but I don't entirely feel comfortable with that phrasing - Owl City is a one-man-band, so Owl City = Adam Young and it's a bit strange to have a shrine dedicated to a real life person. Especially since this is moreso about the music itself than Adam as a person but I've definitely grown to appreciate Adam after years of listening. And so, I called this project a "relique." Here's the OneLook definition of this word; Obsolete form of relic. [That which remains; that which is left after loss or decay; a remaining portion.]

Owl City's music has been with me ever since I discovered music. There will be more on this in the About (as well as explaining the page title) if you'd like to look. This little page is just to enjoy something that's been a part of me for so long, in my own way.

So What Will Be Here?

Anything I can think of; I don't plan on making this the penultimate place to go for your Owl City needs. Here are some ideas though, besides the things in the little update/plan log in the corner.

  • Explain my thoughts on some of the general "conspiracy" theories regarding Owl City and the repeated motif's thoughout.
  • Maybe I will make the most complete list of his music, since Adam has so many secret songs and projects it's a bit hard to make that kind of list. Actually though, I just looked Snydergurl321's channel and I think she may have this list already haha! That makes sense but there's still some secret things not there. Like his German background screamo. And Windsor Airloft. And some other little unreleased demos I think, hanging around on YT somewhere.

    Besides that list, I primarily want to use the songs as prompts for stories or weird little musings about random things. I believe art, most particularly the sort of art Adam Young creates, is a fusion between artist and audience. When an artist shares his work, it no longer entirely belongs to him. Whatever impact and meaning that's been made up in the listener's mind - that's just as correct as what the artist himself originally intended.

    I know I bothered someone out there with my Postmodern take on the subject. I do not enjoy Postmodernism as an ideaology but when it comes to music and the things that inspire me and the things I want to share... Art is one of those funny things.

    Beauty is objective, but at the same time, in the eye of the beholder. Owl City, for me, is one of those rare things where I feel a connection between what he means and what I want to believe the song means. Most other music, I don't dare to try and find what the author meant; it's always disappointing and a lesser version of what I already wove in my head.

    Take a look around if you'd like.

  • About the Relique

    I want to have a section describing this little project and what it means to me more fully. I mean, it's entirely personal in nature (the thoughts on the songs are entirely my own and my own interpretation) but, as always, I have more to say about my intent.

    The title - what does "Absolution Lily" mean? I'll be honest, I just thought it sounded cool- but some thought did go into it haha.

    Absolution, or to be absolved, means to be freed from guilt. In the Ecclesiastical sense, that means being forgiven by an authority. I'm not Catholic, so I consider that authority to be entirely God's and His doing.

    The Lily comes from the flower, Lily of the Valley. According to the internet, it's a flower that means a "return to happiness." The Lily of the Valley has always been my favourite flower and when I found out the meaning a few months ago, it seemed perfect. Given also the nature of a lot of the metaphors Owl City uses in his songs, and my personal story, it seemed fitting. Writing it like "Absolution Lily" instead of "Absolved Lily" also makes it seem like some sort of dramatic action - like a force of will that is continuing to happen instead of something that's been done and through with. I want to always return to happiness, because something bad will always happen and I struggle with depression. I want to always serve God and be sanctified and not give in to sin or the false idea of "I can't be forgiven."

    Ahahaha- Did any of that make any sense whatsoever? I've been listening to some Japanese music lately, maybe their naming conventions (when they try to use English titles) have rubbed off on me.

    I could go on talking about my life story as it relates to Owl City. Maybe then someone would understand why I love his music so much and maybe I wouldn't come across as cringe as I am haha. I thought about it and decided... If this page is for myself, I don't need to remind myself of the lonely thoughts that drew me towards the whimsy of Owl City. I'm sure I talk too much about myself anyway. The world becomes more and more self-obsessed every generation, and being a GenZer, I'm no exception. I hope this writing project allows me to delve into fantasies focused on beautiful things, rather than just myself as a person.

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